April 13, 2021

Can you learn martial arts on your own?

The question as to why you can learn martial arts on your own or not depends on the type of martial arts you want to learn. Some can be learned on your own but for capoeira, you need more people to make it fun and productive. Again, there are a variety of reasons why people practice martial arts; it could be for self-defense, competition, entertainment or physical fitness and this will determine the type you choose.

Following is a mix of martial arts you can train in and be a pro


This type of martial arts originated from Japan and its main objective is to take down opponents for points. It is a martial art that uses leverage but it was intended for sports and exercises. This type of martial art is focused on minimal effort to give maximum efficiency. With good training, balance, and technique, you can easily outdo your opponent. The only challenge with this kind of art is when you lack striking techniques, you could lose terribly.


Kickboxing is originally an American sport that combines kicks, head butts, knees, and punches to disarm an opponent. Two things are so key in kickboxing; speed and agility. You need to have good speed so that you can attack before the opponent responds. Kickboxers who are advanced in the game are known for ‘combat qi’ where the body is conditioned bay repeated damage so that you have no pain signals sent to the brain to distract you when fighting. Some of the kickboxers do this by rolling a baseball across the shin for hours to breakdown and rebuild the tibia. When that is done, a stronger and thicker tibia grows back with time. This is repeated until one can kick hard things without feeling pain. The only challenge with this sport is that there is little training on self-defense.


Karate is primarily a sport that originated in Japan. It involves open hand techniques, elbow, punching, kicking, and kicking. When engaging in the sport, your main focus is controlling, deflecting and disabling any attacks by the opponent. If you want to win in this sport, avoid face and head punches, your focus should be the solar plexus which is a weak point in the body. A well-calculated kick in this area will paralyze the attacker. To better your skills in Karate and Taekwondo, get information from reliable trainers on YouTube and other authenticated sources.


This is a self-defense type of martial art that originates from Japan and the reason it was created was to give defense without hurting the opponent. It is based on the principle that when an opponent tries to attack you, they expose themselves and therefore you need to respond swiftly so that you don’t suffer the attack but you win over them in turn.


This Brazilian martial art is known for its acrobatic and complex maneuvers. It involves inverted kicks with the hands on the ground. No fixed stances in this martial art but flowing movements are emphasized and a rocking step called the Ginga is usually the main focus.

In any of the martial arts training like if you want to try capoeira while in Cleveland, going it alone won’t give you the right exposure. You need an instructor to guide you on the tips to becoming competent.  Look for a reliable trainer who has the experience and an expert in the particular martial art you’re interested in.