April 13, 2021


Wild Caught.

  • Grade No 1
  • Ingredients: Pink Salmon Roe, Salt
  • Color: Orange
  • Egg firmness: Soft Shell
  • Size: Small-Medium Grain
  • Salt Content: 3.2
  • Taste & Smell: no smell or aftertaste, great flavor
  • Consistency: Medium Dry (1/5 on leakage)
  • 1kg (2.2 Lbs).

Our pink salmon caviar, also known as gorbuscha caviar, and has an excellent flavor and satisfying texture that you will be proud to serve at any gathering. With small to medium size grains and a very dry consistency, this roe is suitable for a wide variety of serving methods. Topping crackers or different types of breads, or used as a garnish for fancier meals, the pink salmon caviar for sale at Global Seafoods is sure to impress your guests and delight your taste buds.

Originating from the chilly waters of the North Pacific Ocean, humpback salmon is caught wild and processed fresh. If you wish to buy pink salmon caviar online, you have come to the right website. Global Seafoods has an excellent reputation; just read some of our reviews.

We guarantee that each and every product we carry is quality checked before freezing to ensure a perfect taste and good shelf life. Since this roe will come to you frozen, storage is as easy as placing in your freezer until ready to eat. When it is time to enjoy this delicacy, simply thaw the package in your refrigerator, then serve at room temperature.

Since our products sell out very quickly, now is a great time to buy pink salmon caviar. Our prices are the best and our servings are generous. This roe comes in a weight of 2.2 pounds, so there will be plenty to go around. Give Global Seafoods a try today and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.


It is recommended that all Caviar is thawed in the refrigerator. This is so that there is no damage done to the roe during thawing. Finally we recommend taking the Caviar from refrigeration and serving at room temperature. Caviar can be served in many ways. The most popular method in Russia is on dark rye bread with unsalted butter.

Salmon roe (also called red caviar or salmon caviar) is a kind of top-quality product which is considered to be an alternative to Black Caviar(Sturgeon Caviar). Why is it so? Because it is a plentiful, inexpensive and honest delicacy. The salty-sweet, juicy eggs of salmon attracted fish-egg fans a long time ago and also they became popular as Black Caviar prices increased sharply.

According to usgs.gov “Salmon eggs (roe) range in color from pale yellowish-orange to dark reddish-orange. The color varies both by species and within species and is determined by water temperature, sediment composition, age, and other factors. The eggs vary in size from the tiny sockeye roe (average ¼ inch or 5.6 mm) to the large chum roe (average almost ½ inch or 8.3 mm). Also, if a salmon egg does not get fertilized, it can lose its bright hue and turn a milky shade with patches of color.

The red color of eggs comes from carotenoids (antioxidant pigments) that the salmon get from their diet. Salmon deposit carotenoids in both their skin and eggs in preparation for spawning. It protects tissue from oxidative damage and helps regulate immune response. In a spawning adult, the red color is a signal of fitness and status, and is used to attract mates.”