April 13, 2021

Protect Yourself From Air Pollution With Air Purifier


Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest threats for the environment and affects every living thing. Air pollution is a significant risk factor for human health conditions, causing respiratory problems, allergies and damage to our lungs.  Air pollution is an uncontrolled thing in urban areas. It is mainly caused by many human activities such as factories, power plant, cars, trains, chemicals, methane gas etc.Now a days, the rate of smoke in the atmosphere is very high. Especially in winters, it combines with fog and produce smog that is very harmful for living organisms. According to an estimation, 4.2 million people dies per year due to smog as it is the main reason for different allergies and asthma.

How can we protect ourselves?

The rate of pollution has so much increased that even if we are in our houses, we can’t avoid bad air. So what should we do? The solution to the problem is ecoquest air purifier. The ecoquest air purifier is a best way to get a purified air inside your homes and offices etc. it is an electronic device which can filter the air and blocks and destroys harmful bacteria in the air and it makes your house bacteria free.  Every doctor would recommend the use of air purifier for the asthma patients (especially for children) because children immune system is not strong and they can get easily ill. So, it is a very useful decision to use a air purifier.

How to use ecoquest air purifier.?

Ecoquest air purifier is very easy and simple to use.  You might be thinking that an air purifier, it would be so big ,and it will take so much energy etc. Thethe best thing about air purifier is that it is not bigger than a CPU and it does not consume much energy.  The air purifier first filters the air and clean it from dust and other harmful particles and then it exposes the filtered air with ultraviolet light that kills the bacteria. Now the air is processed via a purification plate which further cleans the air and gives it a beautiful smell. You have to see where to put which purifier for example, a small room does not require a large purifier so buy a small one or if you have a large room then it requires a large purifier.

Where to put an air purifier:-

Do you guys know that about 90 percent of our life, we used to stay in our homes especially the kids and the old people, so ecoquest air purifier is needed as we need fresh air and we all want a great and healthy life, so. So with a small investment you and your family can get a fresh air and some health benefits. If you suffer from allergies then you need to have a purifier in your bedroom as you stay 1- third percent in your room,. yYou should not put a purifier in the corner of the room as the walls could block the flow so it should be 5-6 feet away from the wall.