April 13, 2021

Unbelievable Features of Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine

Rowing usually provides low-impact workouts that utilize all the major muscle groups. This exercise is one of the best ways of building a strong back, arms, and legs. It also provides you with the most effective aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism. As a result, you can efficiently burn calories and fat without impacting your body joints.

When it comes to exercising by rowing, you need a fitness gear that simplifies your workouts. An indoor rowing machine helps you get in shape without climbing mountains or hitting the pavement for a strenuous run. Its low impact exercises are easy for all ages and fitness levels. It also mimics the motion of rowing a boat in water, making it a full-body workout.

If you are still looking for a good quality rowing machine that comes within your budget, you need to choose the best rowing machine under 300 dollars. To simplify your finding job, we are now going to talk about an excellent rowing machine. We hope you will find it among the best and right for your requirements.

Review of Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is a budget-friendly indoor rowing machine, which comes under 300 dollars. This rowing machine is the construction of quality materials. Its multifunction monitor and adjustable resistance levels enable you to exercise for a long time without feeling any hassle. Besides, it comes with some essential features that you should consider when purchasing the best rowing machine. Let’s check them below.

Quality Material

This rowing machine is made of highly durable steel and aluminum materials to burn more efficient calories and build your arms and leg muscles. Its center beam is made of aluminum so that it can be long-lasting for many years of use. Finally, it features floor protectors in each corner to protect your floor from damage.

Multifunction Monitor

The excellent rowing machine has a multifunction monitor to keep you motivated all the time. It tracks your fitness improvements and monitors your current time, workout speed, stroke count, and calories burned. When you are using this rowing machine, you can operate it with a single button.

Adjustable Resistance and Beam Incline

This piece of fitness equipment features adjustable resistance levels and adjustable beam incline. The adjustable resistance is a hydraulic cylinder, which provides a smooth base for your rowing workout. It also offers an adjustable beam incline with a deluxe ball-bearing roller system to help you get more intense workouts. To increase the intensity of your workout, you only need to pull up the back beam to the desired position.

Additional Features

Some additional features help you get the most benefits from this gear. Consequently, this rowing machine has foam grips to keep your hand comfortable and firm. It also comes with a thick padded seat with large footpads. Besides, it includes adjustable foot straps with hook and loop closures to ensure safety while you have workouts on this machine.


  • Comes with durable construction
  • Provides low impact workouts
  • Includes LCD console
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • It might not be suitable for the intense leg workout


You can purchase this workout machine for the indoor workout because it provides almost everything that a rowing machine usually includes. However, when you use a rowing machine, it helps your heart pumping faster than usual. So, if you are still looking for one of the best rowing machines, this one may be a suitable option for you.