March 9, 2021

What do you do with used cooking oil?

This is a question that has faced several families and commercial entities that cook a lot of food daily in the case of hotels and from time to time for families.

Used cooking oil is an environmental hazard. Therefore, it has to be disposed of with care.

Read on to get ideas on how you can dispose of used cooking oil without polluting the environment further.

Reuse the oil

Cooking oil can be used more than once. If you have a lot of used cooking oil, consider safe storage for it to be easily used again.

When reusing oil, ensure that you use to fry the same food you had used it for the first time. When cooking, oil usually takes on the flavor of the food it is frying. For example, if you had used to fry beef or chicken, use it on the same food the second time round unless you want the flavor on your food.

Use it to make soap

Soap is a common by product of cooking oil. If you do not want to reuse your cooking oil, you can use it to try a creative DIY project such as soap-making.

Besides your used cooking oil, you will also need caustic soda, perfumed fabric softener to give your soap a good smell and water. Depending on the amount of cooking oil you have, you will need the corresponding measurements for the other ingredients.

Mix them in a bucket until smooth, and then leave that mixture to settle. You can put the mixture into different moldings to give it your desired shape. Let it curate for two weeks.

You have just made soap out of used cooking oil.

Have it collected by professionals

Another highly recommended option for disposing of used cooking oil is by contracting to a waste cooking oil collection service. This is a professional cooking oil recycling company.

They will collect the cooking oil from your home at an agreed upon schedule. Others will have you deliver your used cooking oil to them.

They have the capacity to convert your used cooking oil into other forms of useful material that is less harmful to the environment. With the cooking oil they collect, they produce bio-diesel which is a substitute to fuel. It can be used for industrial process thus reducing the amount of air pollutants that comes from factories.

Give it out

As part of efforts to combat air and environmental pollution, certain government agencies are asking residents to donate their used cooking oil.

They then convert it to products that are not harmful to the environment. San Francisco asks its residents to donate used cooking oil which they use to make bio-diesel for their fleet of government cars.

Use it as a lubricant

Lubrication ensures that hinges on garage doors and other doors move smoothly without noise or damage.

Used cooking oil is an effective lubricant. You can use it to open your car doors when the lock is frozen during winter. Applying it to metal surfaces will also help reduce the occurrence of rust.


You can also use your used cooking oil to clean tough dirt around the house. In addition, you can use it to clean any surface of your car. Applied on a piece of rag, used cooking oil will effectively wash out all types of dirt on different surfaces in the house and in your car.

Polish your furniture

You can apply a new coat of polish for your furniture cheaply by using used cooking oil.