Calf Exercises

Do you ever want to have striking calves? Well, you can do it by just following some easy exercises with MyGymMachines. Let me first clear the anatomy of human calf muscles.

The lower back side of the leg has calf muscles. It has a group of two strong muscles the gastrocnemius and the soleus. You may have noticed a large muscle on your calf which is called the gastrocnemius. The soleus is not much visible because it is a thick muscle under the gastrocnemius. 

The gastrocnemius muscle is responsible for the round shape of a calf, and the soleus is much longer muscle. Here are the best ways to make your calves great looking.

Calf Press Machine at Gym

The best calf machine enables you to have good looking calves. Keep your feet on the stand of calf press machine at the gym with balls of your feet. In this way, you can lower your heels to the floor. Put weight on your calves.

For lowering the weight put your heels down to the floor as much as you can. Then press your balls of feet and lift your heels as high as you can.

Seated Calf Raise Machine

Your ankles used in this exercise mostly. In the first step sit appropriately on the calf raise machine and adjust your thighs below the leg pads. Your ankles must be dropped off the border when placing the balls of feet on the footrest. Release the weight and let your heels lower down towards the ground.

Always start with low weight for a proper start but set a challenging target for you to complete. You can also hold the handles which can be at the side of your seat. Keep your toes forward naturally and put your abdominal muscles in tightly and you can save your back joints.

Before lifting your heels upward gradually, you should exhale. Never move back and forth your heels as momentum. Remain at rest for 1-2 seconds and inhale before lowering down your heels bit by it. Set your target for 8-12 repetitions.

Smith Calf Raise Machine

You can practice the exercise in standing position with this machine. Simply place weight plate under the bar on the Smith machine. Adjust the bar according to your height position.

After setting up and loading the bar step on top of the plates with your feet balls. Place the bar on the back side of your shoulders.  Use your both hands and face the bar frontward. When you want to unload the bar rotate the bar, it will help you.

Keep extending your knees and grasp the tightening pose for a while before going down back. Inhale before you go back to the starting position and lower down your heels slowly.

This is all you need to know about best Calf Machines, start working out and improve the strength of your legs.

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