December 5, 2020

Is weed an alternative to alcohol?

Alcohol and cannabis don’t have whole in common but are mostly compared by people. Alcohol has been a legal drug for years in the most part of the world and therefore is socially acceptable and people consider it to be safest. However, it is not the truth if you compare the consumption and after effects of alcohol to that of cannabis. Cannabis was prohibited around the globe for a century and hasn’t been legalized throughout. Some countries have legalizes its medical uses only while there are fewer countries to legalize recreational as well as medical cannabis.

Undoubtedly, weed can be better alternative to alcohol as after consuming it one can experience better high effect and is not harmful. Marijuana has THC which triggers the psychoactive effect and thus the feeling of getting high.  The aftereffects of marijuana depend on a number of factors such as the concentration of THC, potency, and quality of marijuana and quantity consumed.

When compared medically and scientifically, the social taboo marijuana is said to be a safer option in comparison to alcohol. Below is the list of reason which states how cannabis is much safer and better alternative to alcohol.

  1. Alcohol cause fatty liver.  

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to number of serious and deadly medical symptoms. Continuous overconsumption of alcohol can cause fat buildup in liver tissues which further develop chronic liver inflammation. On the other hand, medical cannabis is widely used to reduce the inflammation of liver disease. Consuming CBD will probably not lead to a deteriorated medical condition but could be beneficial only.

  • Alcohol cause nutrient deficiency

Alcohol consumption can lead to severe vitamin deficiencies including vitamin A, vitamin B12, and folate. Alcohol interferes with the ability to absorb nutrient in the small intestine and therefore is important to consume a nutrient-dense diet. However, on the other hand, cannabis is derived from the hemp plant and are widely known to be rich in nutrients like vitamin, minerals, fibers and more.

  • Alcohol promotes violence

Amidst the number of violence, act reported. half of them states alcohol to be criminal and contributor. Alcohol causes a phenomenon called disinhibition, which means that it depresses the central nervous system and causes feelings of elation and impairs judgment and affects reasoning. In a nutshell, alcohol is a frequent contributor to violence. If you wish to eradicate the increased aggression caused by alcohol it is important to switch to a safer alternative.

  • Alcohol is addictive, cannabis is not

People often get addicted to alcohol and the capacity increases with time but cannabis doesn’t have such property, research shows that cannabis might help people overcome the harmful addiction. There are certain cannabis compounds which are well known to reduce addictive behavior and thus one can improve their lifestyle.

Hence, consuming cannabis could be much better and safer for your health when compared to alcohol on a wide scale. With the legalization of cannabis the market is filled with a number of products, they differ from each other in concentration, quality, and usage. Beaver Bud is a well known online store to provide quality cannabis product at affordable cost.