December 5, 2020

Top 5 Tips For Vaping Like A Pro

Smoking an electric cigarette instead of the regular ones is popularly known as vaping. Although it might be very difficult for hardcore smokers initially, a complete transition to vaping can keep the person and the body happy.

There are many types of products versions which are released by the manufacturer. This is to make the user happy with the experience so that he or she sticks on it and slowly weans away from the actual tobacco cigarette.  

These products are released in many attractive ways through tasty flavors of fruits, plants, chocolates, vanilla, strawberry etc. These flavors give a customized concentration thereby helping users to switch over to them at an accelerated pace. The Suorin air pods are one such thing which can be filled with vape flavors and juice. 

How to vape like a pro

A lot many people find it difficult to adjust because it simply does not give them the kick that earlier they used to get.  If the satisfaction quotient would have been the same, then many would have more would have joined the crowd at a much faster pace. This is where vaping like a pro helps to reach that satisfaction level fast. Some of the known styles are:

  1. Tricking – This method allows using e-cigarette incorporating trick methods and making it look impressive. The best one among them is to blow large shape vapors in the form of clouds. It is highly possible that friends and partners will go ga-ga over it. A prerequisite is to take the right type of equipment so that clouds come out properly. 
  2. O Ring – It is one of the coolest ways to vape like a pro and it also one of the most popular. In this, the vapor is puffed up in O shaped rings. Sometimes with a single puff, multiple rings can be created. This one is sure going to bring new followers into cigarettes and make them quite traditional stuff.
  3. The French inhale – This is a little tougher than the previous 2 methods and involves inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. This means inhaling and exhaling in a continuous cyclic manner. This requires a little practice.
  4. The Dragon – It is stamped as one of the coolest pro vaping tricks and one that made the world of e-cigarette usage so popular. It can be usually seen in many vaping lounges. In this one, the smoke is blown through the mouth and the nostrils at the same time.
  5. The Jellyfish – This can be classified as perhaps the toughest of the lot and something that needs a good amount of practice. Here the O shaped rings mentioned earlier have to be created in the shape of a jellyfish. No mean task but can certainly be done with a little effort.

While the brands of e-cigarettes devise many ways to increase their market share and get users hooked on to their products, there are ways in which the users can make it an enjoyable affair by themselves by trying out these pro tricks!