April 13, 2021

6 Ways To Deal With Cravings in Recovery

Going through a drug detox can be an extremely difficult and emotional process. However, there are healthy ways to cope with the stress and deal with cravings. Many of these tactics are taught during drug rehab, but these tips are useful for anyone coming out of an addiction. Here are 6 ways to deal with cravings in recovery and continue on the path of sober living

  • Exercise

Exercise is a great outlet for recovering addicts for several reasons. First off, it is a great way to keep yourself busy and motivated. Establishing an exercise routine can make you feel as if you have more control over your life, and setting goals for yourself outside of addiction treatment can make you feel more accomplished. In addition, exercise can help improve withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings. The natural dopamine release as a result of physical activity helps in reducing dependency, and some specific exercises have distinct benefits for those in recovery. For example, weight lifting has been known to reduce insomnia. 

  • Start a Hobby 

Having a hobby, like exercising, encourages motivation. Reaching milestones can keep up a high morale, and having a distraction from withdrawal symptoms can keep cravings at bay. Now is the time to get creative and start a hobby that you have always wanted to try. Group activities or joining a class are also great ways to stay social, which is another proven way to deal with cravings. 

  • Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness assists with managing stress and anxiety. This is typically done through meditation and breathing exercises, so it could be performed anywhere. The versatility of this practice is especially good for productively dealing with stressful situations as they come. However, taking the time out of your day to meditate regularly is also very beneficial for recovering addicts. Yoga is a great option for those who are looking to combine this tactic with physical exercise as well. 

  • Try to Keep Being Social 

Continuing to be social and having a support system are proven ways to avoid a relapse. Talking about your thoughts and feelings with those you trust are healthy ways to deal with your cravings. Joining a support group could also help in staying on track with your addiction recovery. 

  • Take Care of Yourself 

Working on improving your health can also improve the way that you deal with your cravings. Keeping yourself reasonably fit and eating a balanced diet can aid in reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings.

Cooking is also a great way to combine this tip with a new hobby. In addition, staying hydrated can help to decrease withdrawal signs like nausea, which is an uncomfortable side effect of many alcohol and drug detox programs. Taking care of yourself could also mean setting aside time to do something nice. This could be as simple as having a spa day or getting your hair done. 

  • Continue With Your Treatment If You Need to 

Having to reenter therapy or addiction treatment is relatively common. Attending AA meetings or an intensive outpatient program is as crucial as going to rehab in the first place. It is important that you do not beat yourself too much if this is the case for you. Staying optimistic and continuing to work on yourself are key to dealing with your cravings and living a sober life.