December 5, 2020

Ayurvedic Remedies for Knee Pain in Old Age – Herbal Treatment without Surgery!!!

These days, aching knee joints is becoming a common health issue especially for those within the range of 50 years and more. Normally age is considered as the reason for these joint’s pains. However, there are tons of factors which cause joint pains. Some of the most common reasons for knee pains are infection, degeneration, injury, infection, bone chips, arthritis and much more. The severity of the pain varies from person to person and on the reason of the development of pain.

Most of the elderly are warming-up towards the idea of Ayurvedic treatment of joint pain. As it is seen that these treatments are more beneficial and do not have any side-effects as well.

Some herbal remedies for joint pain


Turmeric is commonly found spice in India. With its great antiseptic and healing problems, turmeric is considered as one of the best Ayurvedic remedies for joint pains. It is a spice that has been commonly used in India in their regular lives. With its inflammation properties, it is a great Ayurvedic remedy for joint pain.


Shatavari is an herbal ingredient that offers great health benefits and can cure numerous numbers of ailments. Shatavari has anti-inflammatory properties such that it can reduce knee pain or cramps.


Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit term. The meaning of this term is “smell of a horse”. It means that when you will consume then you will get the power and strength like horses. It is a great Ayurvedic medicine whose extract is used for various health benefits including knee pain.


Ginger is considered one of the best herbal ingredients that is really very useful to get rid of pains, aches, and others. You should include ginger in your diet because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger is an herbal which is easily found in India, with its great healing and antiseptic problems, this herbal remedy offers really very effective results.


Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine with its amazing healing powers. The ingredient is a miracle on this earth when it comes to its healing powers. It will flush out all the uric acid and other toxins from your body as well as it will strengthen your joints. The inflammation properties of Triphla will help you to heal your knee pain and aches.

Ayurvedic treatment of joint pain

According to Ayurved, some main reasons for knee pain are the imbalance of “Vata” in our body. It is because of the bad lifestyle we are following these days.

Change your lifestyle

Go to bed early and wake up early, make this routine to get great Ayurvedic health benefits. If you disturb your natural sleeping cycle then this can result in various health problems. If you take control over your lifestyle then this can offer you effective results.


Massage is considered a great Ayurvedic treatment of joint pain. People who are suffering from knee problem can avail great benefits with massage. Massage helps one to get relaxed. Massage helps in relieving the pain of muscles by decreasing the stress of the muscles of the knee. Massage helps your knees to make them more flexible by releasing the stiffness of the joints. Also, massage helps one to get relief from pain instantly and offer its long-term benefits.

Some yoga techniques

Some yoga techniques are really very helpful, natural and effective way to get relax from knee pain and aches. There are some yoga “asanas” (positions) which are really very easy and are very beneficial for knee pains and aches. If you are facing problems such as pains and stiffness in your joints, then these yoga techniques are the most effective way to get rid of such problems.

Meditate regularly

Meditation offers its own benefit; it brings down the stress level of the one such that one can live a better life. Anxiety and stress are some main reasons for any health problem. If you keep yourself relaxed, then you can get great health benefits.

These are the various Ayurvedic remedies of joint pain. Ayurveda is completely an herbal science with no side effects thus it is really beneficial to get treated with Ayurveda. It has extensively studied and is offering proven results from centuries, so if you are facing such knee problems then adopt these treatments and herbal remedies.