March 9, 2021

Plasma Pen – We’re Talking about a Revolution

As we get older the elasticity of our skin lessens as our collagen levels also reduce. Our skin also becomes thinner, we produce less sebum and our sweat glands do not work as hard as they used to (causing dryness). These are the primary contributories as to why our skin looks older, sagging, lines and wrinkles being the main culprits. The Plasma Pen has revolutionised how these problems are addressed. The advantages of this treatment and the amazing results it can achieve are certainly making it the talk of the town – Especially in the world of permanent makeup.

What’s it all About?

Developed by Louise Walsh and manufactured in Germany, few will argue, the Plasma Pen (AKA Fibroblasting) is a revolutionary treatment and the most successful anti-aging treatment to date. Fibroblasting is much less invasive than any surgical treatments.

How Does it work?

The pen mixes oxygen and nitrogen at the tip. Electrostatic energy pulses mix, producing a flash of plasma which discharges on the skin (yes, very clever stuff!).The skin immediately contracts; collagen and neo collagen production is stimulated.

How Long to Recover?

This is a non-surgical procedure so recovery is fast. The plasma discharges cause excess skin to cluster which results in small crusty patches. These are usually gone within a few days to a week.

Major Benefits

Excellent results fast – This is a non-invasive treatment and surgery is not necessary. For many, this would certainly be a top benefit.

Less wear and Tear – Whereas peeling is popular and the results can be very good this treatment thins the skin. The Plasma Pen actually thickens the skin.

Long lasting – this treatment lasts around three years but for some the results can be permanent: That’s a lot longer lasting than the many of the alternative anti-aging treatments available.

Natural results – Fibroblasting uses your body’s own resources. No fillers, chemicals etc

One of a Kind – Often being described as a non-surgical face lift, this remains the only treatment available to date that is able to tighten eyelids.

Virtually Pain Free – A local anaesthetic is applied making the actual treatment virtually painless.

Join the Revolution

Unquestionably, the world of permanent makeup has evolved extensively over the last two decades. Today improving your looks through plastic surgery and permanent makeup is very much the mode. Virtually painless, fast and affordable the Plasma Pen is taking the world by storm.

  1. Relatively Pain-Free – This is slightly helped by the application of a local anaesthetic. But even so, one of the most inviting aspects of this treatment is that it is virtually pain-free. This is true of the session itself and of the following recovery period. Yes, there may be a little discomfort during the recovery time in the days following a session, but slight discomfort is as bad as it gets – totally worth it for the glowing skin you get in return! There are also wonderful oils and ointments available for any inflammation that might occur.