December 5, 2020

Protecting the Musculoskeletal Health of Employees Within the Workplace

Statistics have shown that common back pain is the most common reason for a worker to seek the advice of a physician. Many individuals will be surprised to learn that this condition is pervasive within the modern workplace. Not only can musculoskeletal issues impact the health and well-being of employees, but it will often affect their levels of productivity. Thankfully, management can proactively address this situation by following a few simple steps.

Choosing the Correct Seating Configurations

Choosing ergonomically correct seating is critical; particularly for employees who will remain in this position for long periods of time. All chairs should be adjustable and they must offer the proper amount of lower lumbar support in order to avoid common issues such as back strains.

Addressing Desk-Related Activities

While office chairs are important, it should also be noted that workers who do not embrace the correct posture are at a greater risk of developing muscular strains. It is therefore wise monitor how individuals perform specific activities such as typing and speaking on the phone. Common ailments such as neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome could otherwise develop. Workers should be informed if they are positioned incorrectly.

The Power of Movement Within the Workplace

One of the most common expressions within the office environment is “motion equates to emotion”. While this was often used during sales seminars and motivational meetings, it is just as applicable when referring to the physical health of employees. Most experts recommend that workers should leave their desks and walk around for ten minutes every hour. This could be a difficult habit to instil within a busy workplace and there are several steps which management can take:

  • Abandoning the outdated concept of the cubicle.
  • Purchasing wireless communications devices.
  • Adopting portable laptops in favour of traditional workstations.
  • Prompting employees to take a walk during their lunch break.

Encourage Regular Assessments

Although management plays a critical role in the musculoskeletal health of employees, it is just important that each individual is accountable for his or her own condition. They should not be afraid to report feelings of physical discomfort, as it is much easier to deal with transient pain if it is discovered early on.

Work with a Quality Occupational Health Provider

Businesses of all sizes should always work in synergy with a quality healthcare provider. This provider must be accredited by the relevant organisations and it should be able to offer a wide spectrum of occupational health policies. This will help to cover any expenses that might otherwise be incurred by the organisation. The welfare of all employees needs to be taken very seriously, as it will ultimately affect productivity and revenue generation.

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