April 13, 2021

Transition Glasses vs. Prescription sunglasses: Which one is the best for me?

Even been to an optical shop to buy a pair of glasses for the outdoors? If you have, you’re sure to have heard your optometrist asking if you want to buy transition glasses or prescription sunglasses. And it’s but natural to be confused about how these two differ from each other and which one you should buy. This blog is to help you make a decision.

Transition Glasses
Transition glasses use photochromic or light-adaptive lenses that darken in response to UV light. A pair of transition glasses will begin darkening as soon as you go outdoors and clear up again when you come back indoors. These lenses use photochromic molecules that bring about this change in tints and are a great buy if you’re light sensitive. Buying glasses with transition lenses  also means that you don’t have to carry a separate pair of sunglasses everywhere you go.

To make them fully functional indoors and outdoors, transition glasses manufacturers also add blue light protection coatings to these glasses. Although buying transition glasses can seem the best choice, they can have a few downsides too.

Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses are for you if you hate wearing non-prescription sunglasses that blur your vision. Tinted like usual sunglasses to protect you from the sun, prescription sunglasses correct your vision while also protecting you from the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. These sunglasses are very popular among people with vision problems as over-the-counter sunglasses mean a poor experience.

Which ones are better?
Deciding whether you should buy a pair of transition glasses or a pair of RX sunglasses is tough. But we have a few suggestions to help you.
If you spend a long time outdoors, a pair of prescription sunglasses is certainly better because they offer better protection from UV light. But if you have to be going in and out every few hours, transition glasses air what you need.

 Are you someone who cannot carry an extra pair of glasses/sunglasses everywhere? If you are, transition glasses are going to be the best for you. Transition glasses are also a great choice if you are buying glasses for your children and want to keep their eyes protected. But if you can carry an extra pair everywhere, you can go with any kind of glasses.

Transition glasses use light-adaptive lenses that darken depending upon the intensity of UV light. This makes them better-suited for cloudy days.
 Transitions can take a little bit of time to change colour and if that is something you cannot deal with it, it would be better if you get a pair of prescription sunglasses. Another thing, transition glasses also take longer to darken and clear up in the winters.

 If you want a pair of glasses that help you while you drive, you can try a pair of Transition® XTRActive®, which are designed to better block any unwanted visible light and reduce glare. Alternatively, you can also try RX sunglasses with polarised lenses if you’re looking for a glare-free viewing experience.

 Compare the costs. If you’re buying online, compare the costs of transition glasses with the combined price of regular glasses and RX sunglasses. This will help you determine which option is the best for you. It is your decision to make. Okay, this isn’t a suggestion but we want you to make a decision in your own time without being influenced by optometrists.

Where to buy affordable eyewear?
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