3 Ways To Get Rid Of Melasma Permanently 

If you have melasma you know how terrible of a condition this can be to deal with every day. People with this skin disorder usually have dark spots on different areas of their face such as the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. 

The worst part about dealing with this condition is that most of the treatments out there for it only give you temporary relief. Nothing can be worse than applying a certain treatment and feeling like it’s working and then all of a sudden, your melasma comes back full force. 

To add to the disappointment of the melasma returning the cost of the treatment can be very expensive. According to http://finallymelasmafree.com, some melasma treatments like lasers can cost as much as $1,500 for just one treatment. So you can imagine the disappointment when you pay that much money to get rid of your melasma only find that it returns soon after. 

In this article, we’re going to cover a few treatments for melasma that have been proven to work effectively. These treatments listed below won’t work for everybody but if they do work they’ll give you much longer lasting results compared to the traditional treatments for this skin condition. 

Melasma Creams 

Creams used to treat melasma are popular because they work. The key is to find the right cream that works the best for you. Probably the most effective and controversial melasma cream on the market are ones that are made with hydroquinone. 

This chemical has been used for years to lighten and fade away melasma spots and keep them from returning. The only problem with using hydroquinone creams is that they can cause a lot of serious side effects if used for a long period of time or if used by the wrong person. 

This is why creams containing high levels of this skin lightening chemical have to be prescribed by a certified dermatologist. For the best results, you should aim to get your hands on a cream that contains at least 2% hydroquinone in it. 

If your dermatologist approves of you using the hydroquinone cream make sure you don’t apply for more than 3 months. After the third month, you should discontinue using the cream to give your skin a break from the chemical. During this time go back to your dermatologist and get a check up on how well your skin is improving. When using this cream it will usually take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks to begin seeing results. 

Another cream that is usually used to fade away melasma permanently is azelaic acid. Creams that contain high levels of azelaic acid where first used to treat acne, but as time passed doctors began to see how effective it was at fading away melasma. In order to get the best results go for a cream that contains at least 20% concentration of azelaic acid. It will usually take you about 4 weeks of consistent application to begin seeing positive results with this cream. 

Supplements for Melasma 

Supplements for melasma can be just as effective as skin lightening creams. The reason supplements help get rid of melasma permanently is because they help restore the normal hormonal balance inside the body. If you didn’t know, hormonal imbalance is one of the leading causes of the development of melasma. 

Probably the best supplement to begin taking daily to fight melasma is MSM. This supplement will help lighten and fade away your melasma by stimulating the yellow melanin pigment in your skin known as pheomelanin.  

When this yellow melanin pigment begins producing more and more it will outnumber the dark melanin pigment that’s causing the dark melasma spots on your face. Taking MSM supplements daily will also help fade away melasma by increasing the sulfur levels in your body. 

In order to achieve the skin lightening affects of taking this supplement you’ll need to begin taking 5,000 mg each day. Take one supplement in the morning when you wake up and again at night before you go to sleep to see the best results. 

Herbs for Melasma 

One of the best herbs to get rid of melasma for good is tumeric. This herb helps fade away melasma by reducing melanin production. With the melanin in your skin not being produced at a high rate you’ll notice visibly lighter skin within weeks.  

The best way to use the tumeric herb for your melasma is to get it in powder form and then mix it together with some lemon juice. Once you mix the equal parts of tumeric powder and lemon juice it should form a paste that you can apply directly to the affected areas of your face.  

Leave the tumeric paste on the melasma patches for at least 15 minutes before you wash it off. Repeat this herbal remedy at least 2 times daily for about a month to get the best results. 


Now that you know how to get rid of melasma permanently give a couple of these a try. There’s no guarantee they’ll work but it’s definitely worth a try. 

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