March 7, 2021

Improve Your Figure: Natural vs Surgery

What is breast uplift surgery?

A breast lift is a type of boob job that reshapes the breasts by removing excess skin and manipulating the breast tissue to form the perfect breast. During uplift surgery the skin is tightened, reshaped and lifted to raise the entire breast and add volume. Nipples that are pointing in the wrong direction can also be raised and centred. Mastopexy is the medical name given to the procedure and it does not, in its purest form, have to include any type of breast enlargement.

Who is breast lift surgery for?

Many women find that their breasts begin to change with age or after pregnancy and they feel uncomfortable with what they consider to be sagging boobs. Confidence and self-esteem can be negatively affected if you feel too self-conscious about your breast size, shape or lack of volume. Some people will opt for non-surgical correction such as wonder bras and body-hugging clothes to try and reduce the appearance of sagging breasts and improve their figure. But sometimes uplifting bras and tight clothes just cannot do the job and going under the knife is the only option. Even if it is a really small knife. Breast uplift surgery is an effective way to correct sagging breasts and can be performed with minimal scarring. If one of your breasts drops lower than the other or either areola has become too large in proportion to the breast size, you are a perfect candidate for breast uplift surgery. While it has been suggested in studies that plastic surgery can positively affect psycho-social well-being, it is also important to properly consult your surgeon to be sure that your outcome expectations are realistic.

Can I have a breast lift and breast enlargement surgery at the same time?

Breast augmentation can be performed during a mastopexy procedure and your plastic surgeon will carefully craft a pocket inside your breasts for an implant to be inserted either under or above the chest muscle. Implants placed under the chest muscle tend to appear more natural than those placed above the muscle but not advisable for those intending to take part in intense muscular training in the chest area. 

How long does breast lift surgery take and what are the risks?

A breast lift generally takes around 3 hours to perform and is considered a safe procedure although any major surgery presents risks. It is usually performed under general anaesthesia so there are risks that the patient may have a reaction to the anaesthesia or other materials used during the surgery. Other associated risks include bleeding or infection so finding a reputable plastic surgeon to carry out your boob job is very important.

How can I find the best breast lift surgeons?

The search for the top mastopexy surgeons need not be a tiresome one and there are many breast lift surgery comparison websites that can connect you with reputable uplift surgery clinics and surgeons throughout Europe. Traveling to Europe for breast surgery offers competitive pricing for procedures carried out by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.