March 7, 2021

Two Ways For Younger And Beautiful Face

Sometimes it seems like it’s so hard to get the results we want when it comes to skin and ageing. The right way of taking care of the skin and when it’s started at the right time can prolong the aging of the skin. But at the one point, creams cannot do that much as it can professional cosmetic doctor. He can offer a few different ways to treat your skin and lift it up. One of them is a silhouette soft lift.

Silhouette soft lift

This treatment is created in United States and it is based on six years of the experience in suture suspension with cones. This technique has been used in reconstructive surgery and from there it developed in cosmetic surgery.

One of the most required treatments for face lifting is silhouette soft lift

Silhouette soft lift is giving you the more shapely face, smoother and more toned skin. The lifting effect is discreet while tissue has been elevating and compressing with suture. The thread cones are absorbed over time. It those parts, collagen is stimulated to replace the old one, and in that way besides lifting, you get also the regeneration of the skin.

Of course, one of the most important things is to find a good specialist, because this procedure can have a few side effects such as facial asymmetry, infection, swelling and bruising, thread migration. To avoid this, take your time and do your research, and if you are from Australia, we can recommend silhouette soft lift in Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or you can do your own research online.

One more treatment that you can combine with silhouette soft lift is dermal filler treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable fillers that give your skin more volume, and it correct wrinkles and fine lines, but they can be also used to prevent the appearance of the new wrinkles. It is used on many parts of the face, but mostly it fills lips, cheeks, and lines besides the mouth. It is designed in the way to last long and to give subtle changes.

There are totally safe, but make sure to go to the reputable doctor, you don’t want any unwanted surprises. Dermal fillers in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are well known for its quality and affordable prices.

Dermal fillers give your face the new volume

It can happen that you don’t like the way your filler look. You don’t need to worry, because in most cases it can be adjusted. Your doctor can dissolve your filler or inject another one for balance.

There are a few conditions when you should not get fillers. That include pregnancy, breastfeeding, sinus infection or if you have any infection in the facial area. Also, reschedule your dental treatment if you want the dermal fillers.

Final word

These two treatments are the perfect pair for your anti-age treatment. While one is lifting your face, the other one is treating wrinkles and gives your face volume where is needed.