March 9, 2021

What does vagina surgery involve?

Vaginal Tightening ‘Designer Vagina’ in Poland

What is Vaginal Tightening?
Vaginal tightening, also known as the designer vagina, is a procedure that women choose to undergo mainly due to birth-related problems. Surgery can restore the same tightness in the entrance of the vagina as it was before childbirth. A lot of changes happen during child delivery that affects the size and shape of the vaginal tract. A considerable amount of stress is placed on the vagina’s pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, and women with this problem suffer a lot. The gynaecologist’s surgeon’s job is to tighten the vagina and at the same time, achieve results that will impact satisfaction for the patient. Even younger girls who may feel as if their vagina needs tightening undergo this procedure, and their framing of mind brings pleasure and happiness in their sexual life. The good thing is that all scarring is inside, and it is not visible from the outside.

What About Vaginal Tightening?
The process involves the strengthening of the pelvic floor by condensing the pelvic muscles and altering the vaginal angle that causes the vagina to tighten. Vaginal rejuvenation enhances sexual pleasure and the ability to attain orgasm due to better friction. Pregnancy and childbirth are the main factors that cause the vagina to become loose. This process makes the vagina to be narrow by rebuilding and tightening the pelvic muscles, enhancing stimulation. Some patients may choose to combine vaginal tightening with labial reduction. The entire operation takes about an hour and involves intravenous sedation to make the patient sleep until the process is complete. Patients are requested to stay overnight in the clinic to recover full and regain their comfort back. Stitches used in the procedure are soluble, so they don’t expire but dissolves in the environment of the vagina. Patients are advised to take long births two weeks after surgery to help the stitches to dissolve. This process tightens not only the vaginal entrance but also supporting structures like muscles and the walls of the vagina. Women with a designer vagina report that it has raised their self-esteem, and they now enjoy a more satisfying sex life, both for themselves and their sexual partners.

How is it Done?
The surgeon constructs a v-shaped incision of around 4.00 and 8.00 positions at the hymeneal ring on the posterior wall of the vagina. The skin surrounding the vagina, and in the vulvae vestibule and perineum is all removed. The surgeon removes old scars on the tissues, approximates the muscles, and then stitches the incision. After the surgery, the patient may experience slight pain, swelling, and some bruising, and this can disappear by taking pain killers. Patients are advised not to engage in penetrative sex up until eight weeks after the surgery. Keep the incision clean and dry until it heals completely. Take a lot of fluids and stool softener to avoid constipation. You can also apply ice packs in the first 48 hours to minimize swelling. Learn more about the cost of vaginal tightening in Poland, and you will find that the same surgical process in the UK costs a fraction in Poland.